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Broombi is a unique, patented, and versatile product that is useful for any household. It can clean on smooth surfaces as well as fabrics, carpet and rugs. It cleans all types of debris, fine dust, liquids, broken glass, removes hair, and pet hair. The proprietary materials used for the blades create static electricity when cleaning, attracting dust like a magnet, preventing it from escaping when sweeping. Broombi can be washed and is easy to maintain. Very hygienic and no wasted refills!


  • PATENTED QUAD-BLADE TECHNOLOGY: Unique design silicone edge creates Static-Electricity when used to attract hair and fine dust. Efficiently cleans every nook and cranny of the house.
  • EXTREMELY VERSATILE: Removes pet and human hairs. Sweeps up every shard of broken glass, liquid spills, fine dust, coffee granules, sugar, and easily wipes up gooey messes such as ketchup, broken eggs.
  • CLEANS ON MANY SURFACES: Rugs, smooth floors, countertops, desks, tile, hardwood, windows, shower walls. Broombi cleans on wide areas as well as tight corners and hard to reach areas such as under desks and furniture.
  • REUSABLE, WASHABLE, VERY HYGIENIC: No wasted refills. Unlike ordinary brushes, Broombi will never have dirty and unsanitary bristles. Simply rinse the smooth blades after each use to keep Broombi and your house clean and hygienic.

Mini Broombi

  • A return request can be sent within 14 days of receipt of the product for a full refund.  READ HERE for full policy and detailed return instructions.

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